Investing in content for your website not only improves the traffic directed to your company, but at the same time, it is a magnificent tool to build customer loyalty by generating trust in your products. Maintaining a blog or content section can take time, dedication, and the difficulty of constantly coming up with new ideas. This is not a unique thought, in fact most small businesses have the challenge of finding more varied and higher quality content. Why? Because of the advantages that having a blog for your company has and that we tell you about in the following article.

Why create a blog or content section for your company

The best web consultants states that including a blog as part of the digital strategy is the best advice. And it is that investing in content for your website not only improves the traffic directed to your company but at the same time is a magnificent tool to build loyalty to your customers by building trust in your products. In addition, there are no more excuses, today thanks to platforms like WordPress, everyone -regardless of their training in web development- is able to create, edit and publish content effectively.

But why do it?

First of all, to increase the traffic received to your page. And, as reported by HubSpot statistics, companies that opt ​​for a blog or content section receive up to 55% more traffic than those that do not. However, aspects such as the following must be taken into account: discover the interests of your audience in order to write about the most important topics, take into account the so-called ‘Long Tail Keywords’ to increase the chances of being liked by Google as well as label correctly your articles (to prevent your articles from being the same as others on the web).

On the other hand, having a section dedicated to general information within the company’s field is the best way to show yourself as the best in a particular subject. And it is that, with this, companies show passion in what they write about as well as knowledge. What better way to sell than to show what you know for free? Customers appreciate the amount of information you’re providing them without even asking for it, and they’ll trust you as a company more. In turn, this strategy also helps to differentiate yourself from the competition because the client goes to the one they already know.

As for social networks, having a blog is the best solution for a good strategy to generate shared links, likes, and comments focused on your company. And is that, every company can have a Facebook page, however, not all of them have new content every day. In addition, being number one in your sector on social networks will also make you capable of capturing leads, as again HubSpot states that those companies that publish frequently generate 70% more leads than those that do not.

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