With the fast growth of smartphones, app development has also expanded. In 2021, there will be more than 4 billion smartphone users globally. And these mobile apps are changing and improving into a modern way to promote services. 

One of the most effective ways to make money from your mobile apps is to monetize it by promoting goods and services. You want to make sure that your app is as good as possible as a publisher. However, the industry is notoriously complex, and there are several factors that must be in place for the app to succeed. Signing up with a mobile ad network is one way to ensure success. These networks allow publishers, including developers, to monetize their apps and earn passive revenue through selling ad space to advertisers.

It’s not easy to become a profitable mobile app publisher. All of this takes place in a small room, including the lengthy process of app creation, user acquisition, and finding the correct monetization balance. Signing up with a mobile ad network, on the other hand, is a perfect way for advertisers, including app developers, to earn passive revenue and benefit from app monetization by selling ad spaces to advertisers.

Mobile apps aren’t worth much if they don’t generate any revenue, so the whole process and performance could be pointless. It is critical that you ensure that your app generates sufficient revenue.

When it comes to this subject, you’ll need a solid app monetization strategy. Advertisement is the easiest and most common way for an app to stay on the market among the various app monetization mechanisms. You may be an expert in growth, marketing, and advertisement, but if you don’t have an app monetization strategy in place, your dream of being a successful app publisher will eventually fail.

While different tactics such as in-app purchases, in-app subscriptions, and in-app ads can help you monetize your app, you’ll need the best strategic marketing strategy to succeed. Let’s start with some simple questions to clear your mind:

Are Ad Networks for your Mobile App Worth Trying?

Many mobile advertising networks will provide you with more advertiser demand, higher pricing, and increased ad revenue if you’re using an ad server to manage your app’s ad inventory.

However, since each mobile app is unique and can employ a variety of monetization strategies, it’s critical to incorporate a customized yield solution.

How to Add Mobile Ad Networks to Mobile Apps?

Each network has its own unique approach to integrating apps into its network. It usually entails adding some code to your mobile app. You shouldn’t be concerned because the ad network will provide you with the required documentation and support.

What is the Most Popular Mobile App Ad Network?

MediaFem is one of the best for In-App Advertising in 2021. With more than 13 years of experience in mobile ad monetization, this is a full-service SSP network that provides publishers with capabilities that are essential to digital media development, along with A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization capabilities, and is powered by a modern predictive engine.

This is an advertising platform for the app, website, and blog publishers that allows them to monetize their material by providing ad space in between their content. The publisher is paid by the network for each impression or clicks on these advertisements.

All you have to do now is paste the MediaFem code into your website and wait for one of your visitors to click on it. Most importantly, MediaFem is intelligent and understands how to view the content of your mobile app, ensuring that the ad you place is relevant to the content of your app.

MediaFem does not charge any added costs because they operate on a Revenue Share basis in which Publishers get 70% and they get 30%. These percentages are common for all publishers, regardless of their geographic area, and are not average. Ads are put naturally in this manner, and you get a lot of clicks, while your regular users thank you for having made that recommendation.

Ads will help you monetize your mobile app. Finding the best, on the other hand, is dependent on many different variables, including the size of your audience, the composition of advertisements on your app, rates, and so on. The proper method is to test various tools before deciding which one produces the most revenue. For us, MediaFem is the best choice.

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