According to a study by the Universal McCann advertising agency conducted with 17,000 Internet users in 29 countries, 36% of the users surveyed perceive companies that have their own blogs on their web pages more positively. In fact, in Spain, for example, 75% of those surveyed say that their purchase decisions were directly influenced by the content they see on the Internet, particularly in blogs and social networks of which they are a part. Even 32% say they trust bloggers’ opinions on the products and services they write about on their pages.

In addition, as explained by Six Apart, one of the most essential online blog management platforms in the world, due to their frequent updating, blogs quickly rise in search rankings, driving more traffic to a web page. According to a study on corporate blogging carried out by Backbone Media, 83% of businesses that have blogs on their website have experienced an increase in traffic to their pages. At the same time, 88% have seen a rise in search rankings in just three months since its launch.

So: When To Start A Blog?

Right now! Clearly, a blog is a way to generate traffic on the official sites of your business. Social media is an indispensable tool, but when it comes to direct traffic to your website, nothing compares to a blog. If you don’t have it yet, create it right now, and if you have it but it’s not a central part of your advertising strategy, reactivate it!

The most crucial factor is good positioning, using any term that will make us stand out in the network. To increase traffic, you must also often refresh the articles. And most importantly, take part in the blogosphere. In addition to posting, blogging also involves connecting to other websites.

Share what you like and comment on others’ content. A person whose blog you link to will always be interested in finding out who connected to them. It will enter yours, so remark there. Find another 100 blogs that discuss your subject and register as a user on those blogs. If you post insightful comments, they will pierce you and leave your URL.


Check MediaFem To Monetize Your Blog

To Monetize your blog you can start at any time. However, it is important that you keep in mind that until you have interesting traffic you will not see relevant income. But don’t be discouraged. Remember that this is a passive income and that the most important thing is that your blog and the advertising you put will generate more movement for your business.

MediaFem is a full-featured online-native ads advertising platform. Combining cutting-edge technology and 12 years of industry experience, in order to provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use system to help your site grow and succeed.

By offering relevant content and adopting the most efficient methods than other ad networks, you can generate striking ads that will boost your traffic.

For displaying ads with MediaFem, publishers receive 70% of the revenue recognized by MediaFem in connection with the service.  Also support standard methods of payment to pay out publishers as Paypal.

For additional information on how to monetize with MediaFem, go to Or read How to make money with MediaFem Ads – Step by Step.

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