Try taking a look back the next time you’re in public transit, in a city, or in a workplace. With the growing use of tablets, Bluetooth headphones, and connected devices, it’s easy to see that we’ve entered a modern era of audio and that audio ads are a ripe chance.

Though radio advertising may be in its golden period, programmatic audio advertising allows brands to target highly engaged viewers via streaming services.

We’ve seen an increase in the prevalence of audio technology, such as podcasts and online radio and music, over the past few years. Consumers are investing an increasing amount of time in this new medium.

The new technology for serving audio advertising is quickly gaining traction. Audio advertising can be served by music and radio publishers. Audio advertisement, like other programmatic marketing platforms, helps you to incorporate on certain targeting strategies to hit relevant geolocations and target markets depending on your digital ad campaign.

This style of campaign is only available on a few well-known advertising channels. MediaFem is one of the best. This is a full-service SSP network with over a decade of ad monetization expertise based in the United Kingdom. The majority of advertisers use their ad codes to encourage users to read more material on the same website or to increase revenue from referral traffic.

This ad network, which is driven by cutting-edge analytical technologies, offers publishers A/B research, intelligent reporting, and personalization, both of which are necessary for digital media performance.

MediaFem does not charge any upfront fees and works with Publishers on a 70 percent revenue-sharing basis. These percentages are the same for all publishers, regardless of where they are located and are not averaged. For their solutions, publishers can choose between header bidding and the traditional One Ad Code choice. Video, display, mobile, and native formats are all available through MediaFem.

They’re dedicated to creating creative and innovative advertisement technologies that take advantage of audio’s unique potential as an immersive tool while also providing a meaningful, customized audio experience.

MediaFem ad platform is built from the ground up for audio, allowing publishers to monetize their audio inventory more effectively and providing customers with a one-stop-shop for audio-centric programmatic purchasing at scale.

Publishers can optimize sales from their content while maximizing the listening experience by handling the specific ad integration into any digital audio content, whether it’s a podcast, streaming music, or digital broadcast. They allow client-side ad insertion on standard player technology as well as server-side ad insertion on major streaming servers.

For podcasters, their strategies have more dynamic monetization scenarios and programmatic ecosystems than any other in the industry. MediaFem’s dynamic ad insertion suite allows them to put ads anywhere in the podcast, with high quality for optimal listening and sophisticated targeting capabilities.

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