If you are considering implementing programmatic ads into your business plan, you are on the right track. But let us tell you more specific things you need to boost your enterprise.

The most popular way to earn money nowadays is by using ad platforms as a co-worker of your enterprise. These ones have a really effective system to provide what each part of the transaction needs. Ad companies are ranking as fantastic earning methods, just by linking different suppliers and giving an answer to each demand.

It simply links companies interested in publishing their products or services with the targeted users that are seeing this display while rolling around your site. As this public is carefully targeted, it’ll be attracted by the ads and will be impressed. Those impressions or interactions count because they generate your money.

The percentage of ad transactions that are completed by the advertising networks you are using is known as the ad fill rate. It is calculated by dividing the number of system calls an app made for an advertisement by the number of real ad impressions the app served. The average fill rate for businesses is between 85 and 95 percent, with the best-performing ones achieving 98 to 99 percent.

If you are convinced that you really want to showcase ads in order to profit from rising finances and flow, find the ideal organization to handle this issue. It’s not as easy as it first appears to be. There are a huge number of businesses offering comparable services. However, every firm has unique products and requirements. Choose the best option for your website.

We have looked up and compared a lot of businesses online. We considered MediaFem to be the best ad platform on the web, the most expert, user-friendly, and reliable, with high regard and few needs. Details about MediaFem


MediaFem is a well-known platform with a track record of success. Also, this is user-friendly and efficient for a variety of websites and applications. It boasts one of the fastest onboarding processes online and one of the highest levels of esteem. MediaFem is in charge of managing your website and the content it produces. You are legally allowed to earn 70% of your salary, with the remaining 30% going to the company.

By giving appropriate information to the right audience at the right moment during their visit to your website, MediaFem has developed into the organisation it is today. It entails using an algorithm to analyse a website or blog in order to create a piece of writing that is equivalent to and pertinent to academics.

You might be compensated each time a visitor interacts with a billboard. This website, in contrast to others, takes pride in providing bloggers with quality material. It makes a good first impression and responds fast to requests for advertising.

Benefits of MediaFem

Higher yield per impression: By monetizing your viewers and utilising MediaFem’s real-time bidding (RTB) technology, you will generate a higher profit per impression. Access to thousands of recent clients is also made possible through our straightforward integrations.

Follow your specifications for formatting: Choose from a variety of combinations to match the layout and style of your website. You may optimise real-time bidding with the help of MediaFem’s comprehensive header bidding settings.

You have three options on Prebid.org for configuring your header bidding: client-side, server-side, or hybrid hosting. We’ll collaborate with you to observe and evaluate your setup in order to make changes.

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