In this article, you will find information about advertising networks that are the top platforms used all around the world. Which are the best in your country?

In Saudi Arabia, approximately 98 percent of the population has Internet access. Around 23% of people have their own high-speed Internet connection (more than 256 kBit/s), which is at least as fast as the old RDSI. So, generating a business where you can earn money in a simple and passive way is a goal! Most of the population is connected to the web. 

Ad networks, advertising companies, advertising platforms, publishing firms, and a variety of other terms are used to describe companies that can administer your website or app and earn revenue. It sounds amazing. It works by allowing you to publish on your website. The technology detects this by evaluating algorithms from your viewers’ sites as well as your own. The graph provides a reliable and effective selection of advertisements, providing an engaging experience for all visitors. You will be paid if your advertisement attracts the attention of your viewers and they interact with it.

So, you just need to be sure that you want to monetize your site by letting a company manage it. Your viewers will interact with your advertisements, generating your income with every action. Your flow rate will increase. Getting feedback is a great and full improvement for your website or app.

Each time the ads are clicked or scrolled over, you’re taking another step forward in the race. At around the same time, these interactions result in a significant growth flux that has never been witnessed previously. Your statistics will soar to new heights! It’s worth noting that you may personalize those displays with different positions, sizes, and other options. When businesses only pay for user engagement where it is asked for, they do not squander money attempting to market to the wrong demographics.

There are many web-based services available, but not all of them follow the same guidelines or are regarded in the same esteem. You must be exceedingly cautious and pay great attention to every element while selecting the platform that will handle your site. Consider the fact that you’ll be able to reach every website in a broader geographic area than before.

Finally, we gathered data and evaluated which solutions we believe are the best for you in this situation. That’s why we recommend these ad networks for your website or blog in order to monetize it.


MediaFem is a corporation that develops and provides brand and product publicity on the internet. It’s a system that now hosts over 450 websites from across the globe and is growing. A set of long- and short needs to achieve, as well as codes for “specialized marketing,” which lets all ads to be viewed by individuals who are happy to participate in what is being given, are also included.

In agreement for showing MediaFem advertising, publishers receive 70% of the revenue generated by MediaFem in relation to a product. These proportions are equal throughout all publications, regardless of where they are published, and are not averaged. Paying out publishers is also possible using standard payment channels like Paypal. When it comes to payment times, it is singled out as the organization that pays the quickest of anybody in the industry.


OutBrain is an essential part of media firms’ software stacks, allowing them to battle with closed systems in terms of audience acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Their world-class ad service connects big and emerging companies with people on the open web through engaging ad formats that motivate them to act.


PropellerAds is a UK-based display advertising network that works with publishers and marketers all around the world.

Promoters can execute campaigns either on their own or with the assistance of the Propeller Ads staff. Create an account and submit your website for assessment to get started. You can start earning money before your approval is granted by placing advertising on high-traffic websites.

PropellerAds offers push alerts, native advertisements, pop-unders, and interstitials for desktop devices. They have mobile banner inventory as well, however it can only be accessed through their self-service platform.