After the surprising pandemic experienced all over 2020, the digital business will have been more than benefited in economic terms given the growing activity of users on the internet. This context also has brought in innumerable changes and evolution within mankind and the most vital transformation it brought is in the content consumption pattern. Content consumption patterns have seen a dynamic change, especially in the media and entertainment industry. 

Researchers suggest that the content consumption over digital platforms has doubled over the pandemic and only seems to increase post it.

The ad industry is very dynamic. This is why it is important for the Publishers to be able to join those ad networks that have achieved good results for their work during the year. For those who are currently looking at how to safeguard revenue at such a complex and dynamic time, these are some of the best ad networks for publishers looking to increase their income.


  1. Outbrain 

Outbrain content discovery platform providing publishers a service for recommended links to increase traffic and generate revenue. Not only it supports various ad formats, but it also has a content recirculation feature for publishers to recirculate the content and provides more opportunities for visitors to read the content and navigate around the website. However it merged with Taboola in 2019, it requires a minimum pageview of 10MM, with a payment deadline between Net60 up to Net90 days, working on CPM and CPC models. Outbrain serves customers throughout the United States.


2. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service platform located in the UK, with more than 10 years of experience in programmatic monetization. Many publishers around the globe use its native codes to encourage uses to view more articles on the same site, or to increase it’s earning for referral traffic. Powered by a modern predictive engine, the platform equips publishers with capabilities that are vital to digital media success, including A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization features. Their solutions allow the publisher to choose from header bidding or the traditional One Ad Code option. This ad network offers all kinds of formats like video, display, mobile, and native

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any fee cost as they work with a Rev. Share model 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers. You have the choice of choosing anything sort of Ads suits your blog, making MediaFem the foremost favored stage for content creators to win big amounts of income. 

So for us will be our primary suggestion to start, you can sign up in MediaFem here.


3. Bidvertiser 

Though your mileage may vary, Bidvertiser is an ad network with an interesting monetization model. In addition to earning money for each ad that is clicked, the publisher also earns extra income when the click leads to a conversion or sales for the advertiser. BidVertiser supports multiple ad formats including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and others. And publishers can use the provided point-and-click tool to customize the format of these units to match their website’s look.

Their bidding system ensures that publishers always get the highest possible revenue from each ad unit. Using the reporting interface, publishers can easily monitor their ad performance, clicks, click-through rate, and the total amount they’ve earned.


4. Adcash

Adcash DSP+ is an online advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers with 10 000+ active campaigns across the world.

It offers all the best-performing ad formats for both web and mobile monetization including pop-under, native ads, push notifications, banners, and interstitials. They have many tools and features that help publishers monetize their traffic more effectively and their technology bypasses adblockers.

Publishers can expect high eCPMs, flexible payment terms, real-time stats, and support from them. 


5. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a publisher-advertiser relationship-driven ad network. The network allows publishers to set pricing for their ad inventory and let advertisers directly connect with them through their platform. It is recommended for publishers who wish to sell their inventory at fixed prices.

Since it is a publisher-advertiser platform, publishers can directly list their inventory. Subsequently, they can receive ad placement requests from advertisers. The ad placement gets live after a quick approval process.

Most common ad formats, BuySellAds supports display app ads, mobile website display ads, RSS text feed ads, and others. The ad network is a renowned one and partners with over 1000 publishers of all sizes.

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