American travel blogs have been growing in the last few years. This is surely due to the simplicity of traveling to the country, and the quality of its products and people. So it is very easy to create a blog about this country. Finding the right strategy to advertise your material isn’t always straightforward. Every program you use to achieve that goal has a distinct way of working and paying, making it extremely difficult to locate one that fits your needs. Here, we tell you the top 3 ad networks for American travel blogs in 2022. 

A travel blogger is somebody who goes around the world accumulating data for publishing about their tourism experience and makes a profit from a number of online and offline sources. Although this sector was severely affected by the pandemic, everything is gradually returning to normal and travelers should recover from lost time and money.

People from all over the world go to the United States to travel within its 9.834 million km² full of history and incredible landscapes. From east to west, and from north to south, travel bloggers never cease to be amazed by all that this country has to offer and decide to show it through their blogs.


The simplest way to generate traffic and convert it into clicks is through AdSense arbitrage, which allows your page to be profitable in the short-to-medium term.

In any case, contacting Google directly will not provide you with this information. Hire pages that are on par with MediaFem in terms of service. You’ll be able to enhance your profits without paying a monthly fee as well.

To continue traveling and touring, it is possible to get money from your blogs. This requires AdSense. However,  working directly with AdSense and Google, on the other hand, is not required. There are ad providers that can connect your blog with advertisements in a matter of hours.



MediaFem is one of the most popular options for funding and monetizing your site. Even inside the advertising industry, MediaFem offers a mechanism that allows everyone to profit. They don’t charge a monthly fee, but everyone contributes to the overall profit.

 There will be various options available to you. MediaFem is unrivaled. MediaFem has stayed current with the latest advancements in the advertising industry since its inception more than 13 years ago.

Not only does MediaFem offer a set of short- and long-term profit targets, but it has also developed a set of codes for so-called specialty marketing, which allows all ads to reach those who are actually interested in what is being presented.

 The publisher works with a network that provides regular operational transparency and reporting. Because of their competence and durability, using their service is entirely free. Their business model is built around a 70% income share for publishers and a 30% share for them.

Publishers can select between bidding headers and the standard One Ad Code form for their solutions. Video, mobile, web, and native are just a few of the MediaFem ad types.

By clicking here, you may join MediaFem.



Taboola is a popular content discovery and native advertising platform that helps companies access highly targeted audiences and expand their traffic development.

Taboola’s personalized content recommendations can be found in the feed as well as a widget at the bottom, top, or side of blog articles. You can also segment your audience by location, device, operating system, and connection type.

With the program, you have complete control over your campaigns, from defining your own goals to changing your campaign’s daily ad distribution after it’s live. Taboola is an excellent option for people who want to see exactly how effective their ads are and where they may enhance their techniques.



Outbrain is another well-known native advertising platform. Outbrain stands apart from the crowd thanks to its exclusive tools, high-quality publisher network, regular upgrades, and excellent support. The ad network uses programmatic native ad demand to connect publishers with large DSPs.

You must have at least 10 million monthly page visits to be considered for Outbrain. You can pick between CPC and CPM pricing systems with a 0 minimum payment. Outbrain also offers native advertising for in-feed and in-article display and video ads.

Their picks have been featured on CNN, Fox News, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Mashable, and a bevy of other websites.


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