There are numerous ways to make money on the internet nowadays. The most common method is to use an ad network to monetize your app. If you are unfamiliar with it or you tried Admob but are not happy, stay and find out some great alternatives. 

Publishers can move ad inventory through an ad network. You’ll get compensated based on the number of impressions each advertisement generates (in other words, how many visitors see the ad). This will be advantageous if you have a significant number of website visits.

Admob is the most popular mobile ad network, and it’s a free platform that lets you monetize your app by displaying targeted ads alongside its content. You may show relevant and intriguing ads to your app’s users, and even change the appearance and feel of the ads to match your app.

But if you’re looking for a mobile ad platform and aren’t getting the results you want with Admob, you should consider which ad network is best for your company. We discovered that while the internet has plenty of ad networks, not all of them pay well or need a lot of information. Here are the best ones, especially when it comes to paying rates.

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service advertising network that builds and spreads brand and product awareness. It’s a platform that now hosts over 450 websites from across the world, and it’s only growing. There are also profit targets for the short and long term, as well as codes for “specialized marketing,” which allows all adverts to be seen by individuals who are truly interested in what is being offered.

Publishers receive 70% of the earnings collected by MediaFem in connection with the service in exchange for showing MediaFem advertising. These percentages have not been averaged and are consistent throughout all publications. Standard payment methods, such as PayPal, can also be used to compensate publishers. It is singled out as the organization that pays the quickest of anyone in the industry when it comes to payment times.

2. Outbrain

Another well-known native advertising platform is Outbrain. Outbrain stands apart from the competition thanks to its unique features, high-quality publisher network, ongoing upgrades, and exceptional customer service. 

To be eligible for Outbrain, you must have at least 10 million monthly page hits. You can choose between CPC and CPM pricing methods. Outbrain also has native advertising for display and video ads in the feed and within articles.

The minimum payout amount to be eligible for payment is $50. Once you reach $50 in revenue, you’ll be paid according to your payment terms, which are usually Net 60 or Net 90 days.

CNN, Fox News, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Mashable, and a slew of other websites have featured their recommendations.

3. Adversal

Adversal is a self-service advertising platform that allows publishers to fully control their inventory. Native, video, and display advertising formats are all supported. Their ad tag is designed to protect users from ordinary cybercrime while still adhering to privacy laws such as the GDPR.

Companies in the publishing industry can define their own goals, which Adversal can help them achieve. A blogger must own the domain name and have at least 50k monthly visits to use Adserval. They also prohibit explicit sexual content and content that is infringing.

The minimum payout amount to be eligible for payment depends on the institution you choose; for example, the minimum using PayPal is USD20. Payments will be made 35 days after the month has ended (net35).