Are you trying to find a way to make money from your Pakistani website or blog? We can show you which ad networks are the most beneficial.

Internet in Pakistan has been available since the early 1990s. At this moment, Pakistan has about 118.8 million internet users, making it the 8th-largest population of internet users in the world. In this country, information and communications technology are one of the fastest-growing industries.

However, an increasing number of users are deciding to get involved in social media. So, if you want to get more traffic on your website or blog to earn some money, the best option is to use Ad networks.

Ad networks connect publishers and advertisers by creating a platform for campaigns on diverse social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Furthermore, it is recognized as one of the most effective platforms due to its superior outcomes and speedy organic growth.

Ad networks support a wide range of formats, from banners to native ads or videos. It may also be utilized on mobile phones and desktops.

For this reason, we recommend choosing one of these three ad networks that are ideal for Pakistani publishers for maximum engagement and results.

1- MediaFem

This website allows you to develop campaigns worldwide and obtain a lot of traffic for your website or blog. MediaFem offers a variety of ads formats such as video, display, native, and others. It is available for mobile devices and desktops.

On mobile apps, MediaFem allows you to publish five commercials per page and three advertisements per screen.

Reminder: The website charges a commission on site revenues generated by them. Also, remember that MediaFem only pays publishers who have at least $100 in their account at the end of the month. If this happens, the client will have to wait until 53 days for the payment.

2- Adcash

Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers.

With advanced in-house optimization technology and over 13 years’ ad tech experience, this website provides your business with digital advertising tools that deliver real results. In this way, the platform enables advertisers to reach global audiences and allows publishers to monetize web traffic with minimal effort.

The minimum payment threshold is 25 USD/EUR. It is not possible to request an amount less than that. Adcash advertising partners have the following available payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer.

3- Media.Net is a digital monetization company that focuses on supplying solutions to digital publishers. To monetize publishers’ inventory, the services include search, display, native, video, and mobile advertising.


For them to issue payment on a NET30 basis, the threshold is USD 100. To summarize, you must earn $100 or more before will send you money.

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