This post should be read by mobile gamers who want to start making money online.

Gaming culture has exploded, thanks to the ease with which various handler divisions have made it possible to participate. Modern technologies have allowed games to be adapted to modern technology, and you can now have them in the palm of your hand. These are quite popular sites, and many people play a variety of games, from chess to war conflicts, on them, with the possibility of earning money.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of ways to make money, and we believe that adding advertising to your website is the finest approach to raise your earnings simply by gaining views. It’s a passive method that not only improves your accounting but also increases your cash flow.Following various research, we advocate employing advertising networks as money-making machines that are both passive and effective.

Adding advertising to your site and receiving cash each time a visitor clicks or scrolls over it is as simple as using an ad network. Because the ad selection is handled by an algorithm system, you don’t have to worry about it. There are a lot of firms that offer this service, but not all of them are well-organized, have the same requirements, or charge the same price.

Recognizing that choosing the right ad network is not an easy task, we’ve compiled a list of three pages that can assist you along the way.


The most effective and approachable advertising agency is MediaFem. You can earn money by displaying text or photographs on your website, as well as by adding banners and enticing visitors to click through them.

It has developed a set of adaptable marketing concepts that allow each ad to target clients who are interested in the material being promoted. In exchange for placing advertisements on the site, publishers earn 70% of the revenue generated by MediaFem.

To know more, visit FAQMediaFem.


Revcontent is a native ad platform that allows publishers to monetize their sites while also allowing marketers to generate visitors to their sites.

Revcontent widgets can be included on a publisher’s site, with advertisers bidding for placements, bringing in revenue. Revcontent widgets are only available to the top premium publishers in the world, thanks to their adaptive technology. On an individual basis, publishers are approved.

Revcontent can be used by advertisers, affiliates, and businesses to drive traffic to landing pages, offers, articles, and other content that would be of interest to them. Advertisers can create campaigns using this platform, which includes targeting, bidding, creative, landing sites, and more.


The Community online platform for buying and selling consumer-centric digital advertising is administered by Xandr, an AT&T company.

It’s a monetization tool for both advertisers and publishers. SSPs, ad servers, and analytics are all available to publishers. They also provide the only open, end-to-end platform for scalable, intelligent advertising across all platforms, including OTT, CTV, video, and others.

Xandr is the brains behind a premium advertising platform that is available all around the world. The strategic selling platform enables companies to optimize the value of their inventory while also boosting customer satisfaction.