80% of companies working on B2B strategies have added the blog to their content advertising tools. And it is no coincidence since there are many more benefits that can be brought to the company, compared to the resources to carry it out.

According to studies, having a blog and keeping it active gets readers involved in discussions, and therefore, in the long run, is capable of generating more opportunities.

In addition, the blog is the starting point for brand communication, but it does not stop there. 83% of companies that have blogs as part of their B2B strategies, then make sure to spread their content through social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

And although it seems relatively simple, integrating blogs into B2B advertising strategies requires following certain guidelines.

It’s not worth talking about everything

Although it is tempting to include a lot of content, what is really important is that it interests your audience. It is better not to fill a blog with information for the mere fact that “you see movement”, since a blog is fully supplied but without careful text will not generate readers and they will not find value in the content.

It is better to include fewer posts, but with topics that you have previously identified as attractive to your ideal clients.

The main concern should be the content of each post since the idea is to increase traffic. Here could be included guides, tutorials, and lists of resources for the audience… which will require more time and effort.

In addition, there must be a balance between promotional content and other training or educational content.

Generate engagement

We must not lose sight of the main purpose of a blog: to connect with customers, both current and potential.

To do this, the brand has to identify topics of interest and write headlines that are compelling and original. Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, so using custom images, and infographics, and avoiding repetition will be key to attracting an audience to your blog.

Do not underestimate the importance of SEO

To improve the blog and have the expected results, it is essential to work on SEO positioning. Although we are not experts, we must try to apply best practices every day, from keeping your keywords in mind, making reading friendly, labels, links, meta descriptions…

Take advantage of social networks

No matter how good the content is, and how much effort you have put into improving SEO… no one will know if it is not able to reach your blog.

For this reason, B2B with blogs must rely on tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn so that your content reaches who it has to reach: future customers.

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