Of course, we cannot have a successful monetization of our blog without a good blog. Today we will tell you some tips on how to have a good blog and make your career as a blogger promising. In addition, we will tell you a little about MediaFem, a safe alternative to monetize your website. So read on Successful Monetization: Tips To Have A Good Blog!

Some tips to have a good blog

1. Pay attention to SEO

SEO is a set of techniques that make sites appear on the Google results page when someone performs a search.

Suppose you have a blog about vegan recipes. Web positioning techniques (SEO) are useful so that when a person puts words like “vegan recipes” or “vegan sweets” in the search engine, your blog appears among the first results organically.

To do this, you can start with the following:

  • Do a keyword search.
  • Add quality content to your blog.
  • Include in your entries SEO titles that are attractive enough.
  • Prepare scannable content.
  • Offer mobile access to users or make sure your blog contains a responsive design.
  • Check the loading speed of your blog and make sure it is fast.

2. Lean on good design

Design is a very important part when it comes to having a good blog because with the design you can attract readers, show professionalism and be creative with the presentation of your content.

So another tip that we give you to have a good blog is to accompany it with a good design both on the blog page in general and in each of your entries. For example, you can accompany a post with an infographic, define a color palette for your blog, create a logo, include quality images, etc.

3. Prepare an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a good idea to be consistent with your blog posts and increase visits and number of subscribers little by little. There are many tools or applications that allow you to prepare editorial calendars (or, if you are a more classic person, you can do it in an Excel sheet or a notebook).

The important thing is that you plan the contents of the blog and fully comply with the calendar, especially if you want to dedicate yourself completely to your career as a blogger or you want to have some economic benefit through the blog.

4. Include content advertising in your strategy

When it comes to having a good blog, content is king; so one thing that cannot be missing from your blog is a solid and well-planned content strategy since it is what will allow you to attract traffic organically.

Some ways you can implement content advertising on your blog are by consistently posting quality posts, supplementing your content with well-made videos, and even relying on social media to spread the word.

Other tips that you should take into account to create your content are to understand the interests of your audience well and write texts about it, create eye-catching titles, produce quality texts that have at least 1,000 words, avoid spelling and syntax errors, avoid very long fragments, etc.

Now that you know the different types of blogs that exist and some tips to have a good blog, it’s time to get down to work and start creating your blog today. We know that at first, it can be a bit confusing, but with daily work and creativity, you will see that little by little your blog begins to take shape and have its own identity.

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