Are you trying to expand your business? Is your blog or website not getting the credit it deserves? Why not try ad networks? If you don’t know what they are and how to use them, read on and find out.

An ad network is a technology platform that operates as a mediator between writers who want to monetize their website or blog and people who want to sell their products or services. This way, publishers can go to a variety of networks in an ever-changing digital ecosystem to assist them increase their advertising return on investment.

Ad networks facilitate the flow of information between digital publishers and sellers, allowing businesses to reach the right customers. Publishers would have to make deals with individual marketers if ad networks didn’t assist pool demand. With ad networks there’s no need to contact the advertising providers directly in this circumstance, and because the ad platform maintains track of everything, data on views, sales, click-through ratios, and other statistics may be analyzed right away.

Moreover, these technologies use algorithms to enable you to tailor content to your target audience’s tastes and location. Because they are accessible on both websites and mobile apps, these technologies are far more convenient and effective than any other.

If you’re interested in switching to ad networks or starting from scratch, keep reading to learn more about our best network picks for publishers in 2022.

What Ad Network Should I Use?

As there are plenty of options in the market it can be a little overwhelming to choose. That’s why we have brought you the best 3 ad platforms for 2022.

1. MediaFem

MediaFem has stayed current with the latest advancements in the advertising industry since its inception more than 13 years ago in the UK.

Not only does MediaFem offer a set of short- and long-term profit targets, but it has also developed a set of codes for so-called specialty marketing, which allows all ads to reach those who are actually interested in what is being presented.

The publisher works with a network that provides regular operational transparency and reporting. Because of their competence and durability, using their service is entirely free. Their business model is built around a 70% income share for publishers and a 30% share for them.

Publishers can select between bidding headers and the standard One Ad Code form for their solutions. Video, mobile, web, and native are just a few of the MediaFem ad types.

You may join MediaFem by clicking here.

2. Clickadu

Clickadu is an online and mobile digital advertising network that offers a variety of creative ad formats such as video pre-roll, skim, and pop-under ads. To optimize ad revenue, it offers both fully managed and self-service campaigns with advanced targeting options such as geo, site, and device type.

This platform doesn’t require a minimum traffic, so this may be the right option if your blog or website is still in diapers.

3. Undertone

Undertone works with some of the most well-known companies and publishers in a variety of industries, and they take pride in their high-quality video marketing creative and adaptable integrations.

They specialize in presenting high-quality mobile ads, in-app ads, and web ads on a variety of devices. Undertone promises zero revenue losses of existing ad products and 100 percent-1,500 percent better CPMs than normal display advertisements by applying inventory in non-traditional ways.

Its downside is that this platform requires 500,000 monthly impressions to get started, so this option is good for you if your blog is already grown up.