Are you considering making money off of your blog? What a fantastic idea! You can pursue your passions while earning a living. Continue reading this brief how-to guide to learn more.

A great internet business strategy for gaining success and making money online is monetizing your blog. Because you don’t have to be online constantly, it’s called passive income.

There are only 2 things you need to consider that are essential:

-Having a blog that can be made profitable 

-Finding a strategy to monetize it

Having A Blog That Can Be Made Profitable 

Despite the fact that establishing a monetizable blog may appear simple, you should heed this advice if you want to be successful.

  • Select A Niche

Nearly 75% of professional bloggers change their material to suit the wants and preferences of a certain group of people. If you present yourself as a “specialist” as opposed to a “generalist,” it will be much simpler for you to establish yourself as an authority.

In order to establish enough credibility for customers to purchase from you, it is essential to demonstrate genuine experience in your industry. This requires showcasing your knowledge of the subject by proving that you are an authority.

While we are aware that some niches may be more adaptable than others, we firmly believe that the best way to ensure your success and continuity is to pursue your passions.

  • Boost Value

Your blog posts should all be informative. This calls for creating content for your audience that is of the highest calibre, trustworthy, and interesting.

The best method for adding value is to instruct your audience. Whether it’s a step-by-step manual, a live Q&A that you later post on your blog, or a fun video, there are many methods to provide useful information.

Finding A Strategy To Monetize It

You can make money off of your work in a variety of ways. But employing advertising platforms is unquestionably the finest.

A sort of technology known as an advertising platform links publishers wishing to monetise their website or blog with consumers looking to market their goods or services. In essence, this indicates that you will be selling adverts on your blog.

There are numerous networks that can support you in this. But we strongly urge you to check out MediaFem.

Mediafem is a well-known, experienced corporation with an earnings-to-payout ratio of 70-30. In the case of them, publishers get 70% of the money, and authors get 30%. A relevant ad that may be of interest to researchers is displayed after an algorithm has examined the content of a website or blog. Every time someone clicks or rolls over the advertisement, you are paid.

The ability of this platform to produce higher-quality content than other ad networks is something it is proud of. Each impression is given the best chance to stand out thanks to this program’s quick responses to ad requests.

How To Do It

1-Click “Sign up” on the MediaFem website.

2-Enter your name, email address, password, website address or download URL (only for mobile apps) in the appropriate fields.

3-Once the platform has accepted you, you may visit your dashboard. From the “Ad units” drop-down option, choose “Video Ads.”

4-The final step is to save your modifications after reviewing the pertinent facts. You’ll start to see video ads on your site, and you’ll get paid for every time someone contacts you through it.