We know that advertising in business is vital because it helps to position the brand, attract more customers, publicise the benefits of products or services, etc.

It is useless to have the best product or service if nobody knows about it, this is equivalent to having no sales and without sales the business dies.

But… Why do some people start investing in an ad network without thinking? No! It’s like putting the cart before the horse, the last thing you should do.

In online marketing, analysis and reflection are never superfluous; the success of any campaign depends to a large extent on it.

If you are new to this, there will be some questions you won’t be able to answer, but keep them in mind for the future. If, on the other hand, you have already taken your first steps in this world, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself

Should I invest in online advertising?

How much should I invest?

When should I invest in online advertising? Is there a key period for my business?

In which media or channels?

Search, display or both?

What is the cost per click I am willing to pay?

How many impressions do I estimate I will achieve by investing?

Are my ads interesting to my users?

How much traffic does the online advertising drive to my website?

What is the conversion rate?


With new information technologies, advertising services are now available without investing large amounts of money.

What Now?

For large entrepreneurs, this news may seem unimportant, but for small business owners it is one of the best pieces of news they have ever received. Simply because small business owners do not have the luxury of investing the amounts of money that big business owners invest in advertising in the traditional media (Radio, TV, Press, Magazines, etc.). If you belong to the latter group, I recommend MediaFem.


MediaFem is a sell-side ad technology company that provides full demand management and intermediation solutions to publishers. By merging ad serving for display, mobile, video, header wrapper capabilities, and outstream operations into one holistic stack, it has set a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic customers.

It uses programmatic networks to connect content websites with advertisers, then charges a fee based on the software’s on-site revenue. It has developed a set of adaptive marketing standards that enable each ad to be personalized to the people most interested in the information being given.

MediaFem takes pride in being able to provide marketers with higher-quality content than other ad networks. This system responds quickly to ad requests, ensuring that each impression is provided as fast as possible for the best possible results.


Once you have answered these questions and invested, evaluation of your advertising investment is essential so that you know what went wrong and what successes to repeat.

Therefore, invest in a quality measurement system that provides data on your sales, leads, website visits, customer participation in your events, among other things.

That kind of information will act as a compass to help you know if you are losing customers and what the next steps of your advertising campaign should be.

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