Audio formats such as music or podcasts bring a world of emotions to listeners. From happiness to full relaxation, the power of listening to something enjoyable it’s growing on a daily basis.


Moreover, several studies assure that when listening to something that is not linked to visual multimedia stimulation such as a video, the concentration level gets higher and deeper, leaving a place for calmness and imagination.


Therefore, taking this into account while making your communication and advertising strategies is key to innovation. So, whether if you are an advertiser or an audio-content creator, you must consider this to boost your marketing planning.



Audio Ads


Programmatic audio is a style of digital marketing that automates the selling and placement of ads in audio content using a technique similar to display advertising.


Using programmatic audio, you may buy targeted adverts from all of the major audio publishers using a single platform. It lets you buy ad space in the pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll of an audio ad.


Audiences receive these adverts on a range of devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.




It’s a premium SSP platform with over 12 years of ad monetization experience based in the United Kingdom.


A number of websites purchase ad codes in order to entice viewers to read more articles on the same page or to improve referral traffic income.


Publishers can use the network, which is driven by a powerful prediction engine, to access tools, intelligence reports, and customization options.




To guarantee that all adverts are seen by people who are truly interested in the services being sold, MediaFem has developed a set of “customized marketing” codes.


Publishers can choose from a variety of formats for their products, which can then be used on websites, blogs, and apps. There are options for video, mobile, online, and native advertising. 



Mind this


  • Workplace content must be protected.
  • Hate speech and extreme acts of violence must be avoided.
  • It is critical to creating original content.
  • The website or app cannot encourage the use of unlawful drugs or substances.
  • On the site and app, purchasing illegal narcotics, guns, or other illegal items is prohibited.
  • It is impossible to limit the use of images in content to just them.
  • Written content must show enough effort to attract the interest of the reader.
  • The content on the websites or apps must have a long history. They must also demonstrate that users are actively involved.
  • For ads, slideshows and lists are insufficient.
  • The website or app must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • On the website or app, there must be no file-sharing or pirated content.
  • Malware cannot be spread via a website or application.
  • On the website and in the app, automatic downloads are not permitted.
  • The site or app must pass all of the review checks.

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