Internet and play stores are full of apps available to be downloaded. Moreover, there are apps to help you with anything you want.


Need to focus while studying? Get a clock app. Looking for a photos editor? There’s an app. 

Therefore, the options are endless.


If you’re considering developing an app, this advice may help you:


-Start with an idea: mock-up it and define features

-Do some research: save time and effort by investigating what your competitors are doing and what your users need and appreciate.

-Design: start adding design to your app. Make it attractive. 

-Landing Page: make yourself one in order to promote your app and redirect traffic to it.

-Get Feedback: Quickly reacting to your users’ feedback is key to success.



Once you’ve made the app you were looking for, it’s time to monetize your efforts and have some income out of it by placing ads. Moreover, the best way to make it is by choosing an Ad Network




There are no upfront fees when paying in Net53 terms because MediaFem uses a 70% Rev. Share arrangement for Publishers. These percentages are kept separate from a publisher’s geographic region and are not averaged across all publishers.


With these choices, publishers and developers can select between header bidding and the usual One Ad Code technique. MediaFem supports all video, display, mobile, and native formats.



It’s up to you


MediaFem has developed a set of codes for so-called specialized marketing, which ensures that all adverts are seen by those who are actually interested in the services being offered.


For their solutions, publishers can choose between a wide variety of formats to be placed in websites, blogs, and apps. Also, MediaFem offers video, mobile, online, and native advertising.




Publishers can use the Smart Banner size for ad units to display the appropriately sized ad based on the size and orientation of their mobile app. Also, developers don’t have to provide a set size for their ad unit with Smart Banners; they state that the ad unit fills the width of the screen.
Furthermore, this allows developers to create ad spots in their apps that are compatible with a wide range of screen widths.

Step by step


1- Create an ad unit as usual, but this time choose Smart Banner from the “Ad format” drop-down menu.

2- Use one of the following ad sizes for the ad view in the app:

For iOS: kGADAdSizeSmartBannerPortrait or kGADAdSizeSmartBannerLandscape.



3-Because Smart Banner ad units are only for applications, MediaFem only develops mobile app ad tags for them.



  • Content must be safe for work
  • There must be no nudity in the content.
  • Extreme acts of violence must not be shown in content, and hate speech must not be included.
  • Original content is required.
  • The site or app can’t encourage people to consume unlawful drugs or substances.
  • The purchase of illegal drugs, guns, or other illegal things is not permitted on the site or app.
  • The content can’t rely exclusively on images.
  • Written content must demonstrate a level of effort adequate to pique the interest of a readership.
  • The sites or apps must have a reasonable content history. They must also show user involvement.
  • Slideshows and lists must have more data than advertisements.
  • COPPA compliance is required for the website or app.
  • There must be no file-sharing or pirated content on the website or app.
  • Malware cannot be distributed through the website or app.
  • Automatic downloads are not permitted on the website or app.
  • All review checks must be passed by the site or app.


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