Are you into blogging? Many people are keen on writing and spend their nights and weekends creating content as a hobby. Why not try to make some money out of it and make it a side hustle? This is called monetizing and if you don’t know how or where to start, let us show you the easiest way to do it.

You’ve definitely heard the terms “advertising platform” and “advertising network,” but you might not know what they imply. A technology platform that connects consumers who want to advertise their products or services with publishers who want to monetize their website or blog is what is known as an advertising platform.

Because you are paid every time someone clicks on an ad on your page, this is a terrific way to make easy money, or what is known as passive income. This is referred to as “Pay Per Click,” and it is one of the most successful and profitable online marketing tactics.

These technologies utilize algorithms to adapt information to the preferences and location of your target audience. These platforms are significantly more convenient and functional than other solutions because they are available on both websites and mobile apps.

Where Do I Begin?

To begin displaying advertisements on your website, you must first select an advertising platform that you can trust and that meets your requirements. This involves figuring out which ones pay the most and pay the fastest, which ones provide you with the most creative license with design and ad types, and which ones offer the best cost-benefit ratio.

Don’t worry if all of this seems overwhelming. We are here to assist you. Continue reading to learn about the greatest ad networks on the market and why they are the ideal choices for your company.

  1. MediaFem

Mediafem is a reputable company with a 70-30 earnings-to-payout ratio. This means that the publishers receive 70% of the money and the authors receive 30%.

It works by using an algorithm to analyze the content of a website or blog in order to display a related ad that may be of interest to researchers. What’s more, MediaFem delivers higher-quality content to businesses than other ad networks.

It has a variety of ad kinds, including native ads, video ads, pop-up ads, and more. In terms of design, you have complete control over the format that best suits your website and your target audience.

Visit FAQMediaFem for more information.

  1. MGID

MGID specializes in native ads, which may be exactly what you need. Native ads are a good option if you don’t want advertisements to be too noticeable on your website.

MGID could be the platform for you if you’re a marketer looking to get started with a self-service platform. You can produce more ad impressions while focusing on your company’s goals and marketing objectives with MGID‘s self-service option and a variety of ad layouts. With real-time data, you can easily and quickly expand the reach of your company’s ad publication on our native advertising platform.

  1. Adversal

Adversal is a self-serve ad platform that allows you to create and post ads in minutes.

Its clever user interface makes starting, stopping, and pausing campaigns straightforward and intuitive. After you’ve set everything up, you can just leave it to work.

Your website must have its own domain name, receive at least 50,000 monthly pageviews, and not be restricted by a login to be eligible for Adversal.