An SEO strategy is not unique, it will depend on the project. Each one will have to focus to a greater or lesser extent on one or another aspect. But we can draw a common roadmap, and we are going to explain it to you. The first thing you should know to plan a good SEO strategy is that you must have patience. Positioning in the first position at Google is not a matter of two days, but of constancy and perseverance. But of course, drawing up a strategy and setting actions, and prioritizing them, will help you achieve your goals. Keep reading Monetize And Earn Income With SEO Strategy and take advantage of SEO to earn more money.

A good piece of advice when implementing an SEO strategy is not to get obsessed with wanting to occupy the first position or be among the first for certain searches. What it is about here is to gain visibility, to be among the first in many searches, and to scratch traffic to your website from all of them.

SEO Audit

It all starts with an SEO Audit. Using different SEO tools, the idea is to be able to know the starting point. What is the state of health of the web, and how is the operation to be performed on the patient going to be?

If the project is new, we can make the mistake of skipping this step. But it will always be necessary to control that the web is implemented following SEO criteria.

A complete audit does not have to include the more than 200 factors that affect web positioning, but it should include the main aspects of the 3 major areas of SEO:

►Indexability: all the aspects that influence the spiders or bots of Google and other search engines to correctly crawl and index your content. Does the website have a sitemap and the robots.txt file implemented correctly? Is access to content we don’t want to appear in search engines being denied? In addition, here we could include other relevant parameters such as the loading speed of the web, optimization for mobiles, the HTTPS protocol…

►SEO on page (relevance): here we must diagnose if we are using the right keywords if there is good information architecture if the images contain the ALT attribute… In short, all those signals that search engines need to know the relevance of your pages for the different searches that are made in the search engines.

►SEO off-page (popularity): where an analysis of the links that point to our website must be carried out. Are the websites that link to us of dubious reputation, do they have similar themes? And above all, analyze the competition to know the effort that should be made to obtain links.

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