Are you looking for a genuinely great business to join in order to monetize your app, increase your profits and cash flow? Check out this article.

Today, leveraging ad platforms as a team member of your business is the most common approach to making money. These ones have a really good structure in place to supply what is required for each step of the transaction. By connecting many suppliers and providing a response to each need, advertising organizations are regarded as excellent ways to earn money.

Advertising network solutions are expanding rapidly in the current programmatic environment. Don’t stress yourself too much about how much work using an ad network will require of you. They generate money that is passive. All the while, AI purchases advertising and presents it to viewers, all the while giving full respect to your accounting.

Therefore, it is amazing to be able to make money by using one of the modern methods that is most in demand. Don’t pass up this chance if you work for or own an app and want to boost site traffic and revenue! You should be aware that choosing the ideal system for running your business is no easy undertaking.

You must choose the platform that is most suited to your application from a sizable selection available online. Therefore, you must proceed with extreme caution. Each organization has its own set of standards and requirements. Look for one that improves your statistics and data.

We’ve previously done some research and market analysis. Finally, we’ve developed the top three businesses for 2022. Read attentively and consider your app. After weighing your options, make the decision that you believe best meets your needs.


A well-known, full-service ad network, MediaFem, aids in making businesses and products stand out. More than 450 websites from around the world are already hosted on this platform, and it’s just getting started. Additional codes exist for “specialised publishing,” which makes sure that only those who are really interested in the goods or services being provided see any advertisements.

Publishers are compensated for placing advertisements on this platform by receiving 70% of the money made by MediaFem in connection with this service. These figures are constant across all publications and are not averaged. Publishers can also be paid through more traditional payment channels like PayPal. When it comes to payment deadlines, it is regarded as the organisation that pays the fastest in the sector.


At Monumetric, every publisher is considered like a partner. They are not just another ad network; they are a revenue partner. Together with their coworkers, they line up and conduct tests to determine the best configuration for each person’s goals. Their teams continuously improve and test products to guarantee functionality and innovation that lead the industry.

There isn’t a publisher that matches every need. They appreciate working with publishers who understand how to evaluate and enhance performance because of this. They believe that they will benefit them regardless of how big or little a publication is.


Taboola may be a well-known content discovery and native advertising platform that helps companies attract clients that are eager on buying and highly targeted.

Anyone wishing to evaluate their publishing success and pinpoint areas for development should use this fantastic tool. Additionally, you’ll categorise your audience according to their location, device, package, and type of connection.


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