If you’re trying to monetize your content with your Instagram follower base, this will help you. Keep reading!

With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs is one of the biggest social networks worldwide. Within the US, Instagram users are projected to surpass a hundred and twenty million MAU in 2023.

Unless you’re creating sponsored posts (for which you need at the very least tens of thousands of followers), there isn’t really a way to monetize your Instagram account.

A choice although is leveraging your Instagram account to direct that traffic to a platform that pays better, it could be a youtube video or a blog. The twenty-five highest paying countries on Adsense CPC are within the range of $0.40 and $0.17, which can become a substantial amount of money. Monetizing a youtube video is pretty simple, however, how can you monetize a blog?

There are several choices, however, the one we like best is Mediafem.

Why Mediafem?

Since its beginning thirteen years ago, MediaFem has remained current with the latest advances within the advertising sector. MediaFem helps you set a series of short-term and long-term goals relating to profits and has evolved a series of codes for niche marketing, that helps all ads to reach the places where there’s real interest in what’s offered.

The publisher interacts with a network that has operational transparency and coverage on an everyday basis. it’s 100% free to use their service because of its effectiveness and accountability. Their business is set up on a 70% share for publishers and a 30% share for Mediafem.

Publishers can choose the bidding headers or the regular One Ad Code form. The format of the ads can be video, mobile, web, and native.

By using this platform, you’ll be ready to improve your website’s traffic, allowing you to make money from it.

A few of Mediafem’s perks:

  • Global access to diverse demand
  • Greater yield from each impression
  • Advanced automation at scale.
  • Brand protection and safety
  • Format to fit your business
  • Customize your header bidding configuration with prebid.org

How Fast Will I See Earnings and Revenue from MediaFem?

You will get paid in 53 days – that’s the fastest in the industry – count on it .

Here at MediaFem, we want to make sure that you know exactly how you are getting your earnings, the payment types we use, and the details about how long it will take to get to you.

Below we have listed all of our payment types with a bit of information about all of them, including possible delays per respective payment type. In addition, you will find that we also listed the quickest option for publishers to receive payment.

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