If you have been writing on your blog for a long time and you have managed to have a good content repository, perhaps the time has come to obtain economic benefits derived from it. And if, in addition, the blog already has a community of followers, it will be easier for you to find ways to monetize through it. What would you think to continue writing as before but take advantage of the resources to earn money online? What you need first of all is a plan, a strategy to follow to take the necessary steps and get started in one of the different ways that exist to generate income with a blog and live from it. Next, I will tell you How To Monetize A Blog For Beginners.

When To Start Monetizing A Blog?

If you have read somewhere that blogging can make you earn income so that you don’t have to work anymore and that you can go to sleep, I have to tell you that this is not real.

There are many people who have succeeded with their blog, that is true. And some are doing very well and have managed to make a living from it.

But the blog requires work and also previous investments. You have to dedicate work and time to later be able to reap what you sow in the form of benefits.

So if you consider it as a way to generate income, keep in mind that you will have to work on it first.

Choosing the best time to start monetizing your blog will depend on whether certain situations occur that make it viable.

Let’s review what those circumstances can be:

  1. Your blog already has a considerable amount of content: Although your first objective is to create the blog with the intention of monetizing it, work on the content first so that there is a considerable number of articles by the time you start with the actions focused on monetization. Whichever model you choose, I recommend that you take care of your content. It is the way to attract visitors, and the visits will be the ones that allow you to earn income.
  2. Your blog receives a considerable number of visits: You cannot try to monetize your blog in certain models if you do not have an acceptable number of visits. To host third-party ads, for example, publishers will require a minimum number of visits.
  3. Work on a theme that can form a community: If your blog is focused on a very specific or niche theme, you will likely find greater opportunities to monetize it with products related to that theme. Although focusing on a specific niche also means that the number of people you will reach will be smaller, those people will be able to find content on your blog created specifically with them in mind. Thanks to this, if you offer products focused on that segment, monetizing will be easier for you.
  4. Redesigns or changes: The redesign or major changes in a blog is sometimes a good opportunity to venture into some form of monetization. On the one hand, you can take the opportunity to incorporate the necessary resources that facilitate monetization and make changes with that objective in mind. Thus, for example, you could reserve spaces to place advertising banners. And, on the other, the implementation of some resources, such as templates or plugins, sometimes comes with the opportunity to earn extra income with them through affiliation.
  5. You have a community of subscribers: As I told you before if you have enabled a lead capture system on your blog and over time you have harvested a good number of them, the time may have come to exploit this resource in your favor.
  6. You receive offers from publishers: Sometimes third parties propose the opportunity to earn income through them.
    If your blog also has a considerable number of followers in the form of visits or subscribers, they could launch a proposal to host advertising for their own products on the blog.

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