Did you know that a cooking blog is one of those that can generate the most money? One of the main reasons has to do with the time a reader spends reading the recipe. Since it is not like the articles of other pages that people read over and immediately go on to another; cooking blogs keep their readers for a long time. Keep on reading to learn How To Make Money With A Cooking Blog.

Only that makes the banners have much more performance and more if you follow our recommendation and put the advertising that MediaFem offers you. This platform is much better than all the others, including Google Adsense, in many ways.

So if you continue reading for about 5 minutes, once you finish reading this guide, you can start your new recipe blog project or you can multiply the income of the one you already have.

How To Make A Cooking Blog

In less than 2 hours you can create your professional culinary blog. Before starting to create your blog, we recommend you write at least 10 recipes and thus, having content will make it much easier for you to set up your blog, since you will have material to put on the cover, you will be able to sort those posts into different categories and based on it do the menu.

You can find many templates to make a kitchen blog, which you can install in your WordPress and make the changes you want.

Here are some examples of templates specifically designed to make a recipe blog:

  • Foodie: This theme is the only one I have put here that is not from Themeforest, but from StudioPress. This is an online store of WordPress themes, optimized for fast performance, which will greatly favor the SEO of your page and therefore the positioning of your articles on Google. Of course, you have to pay for it, it costs twice as much as a normal one and they do not usually have as many functions as others.
  • Basil: This is ideal if you want to monetize your cooking blog by offering face-to-face classes and courses.
  • Sprout & Spoon: This cooking recipe WordPress theme includes a very cool option for your readers to easily print the recipes. Although yes, the ideal is for your blog to be consulted on a screen, so that you can make your banners profitable.
  • Food & Cook: Designed to create and show cooking recipes. It also includes an online store where you could sell your own products.

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For additional information, go to FAQMediaFem.com

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