MediaFem ads is one of the best ways to earn income from a blog or website. But is it really that easy? As a beginner, it will be very difficult because it is actually not as easy as you think because it requires perseverance and enthusiasm to always write despite lazy diseases that continue to haunt.

If you have succeeded in building a website of your own, it deserves a thumbs up because you continue to be consistent with your blog. Well, the next thing you need to think about is when the blog doesn’t come to the increase that you expect even though you have diligently updated the article. It could be that you will feel bored and bored when your income does not go up, looking for traffic and optimization there and here but the results are not comparable and even tend to decline.

Have you ever felt that way? Well, there are some situations that can make CPM or RPM tend to go down.

What is CPM or RPM?

For its own understanding, CPM stands for cost per mille or cost per thousand which actually refers to the income provided by advertisers or advertising parties while RPM stands for permille revenue which actually refers to how much is paid to publishers or publishers.

1. Ad placement location, ad unit size and modification.

Placing your ad position in a strategic place. The good position for placing ads is above the article post, in the middle of the article and at the end of the article.

2. Create organic and unique content

Content is the king and queen in the world of blogs. The more unique the article is made and original, the greater our chances of getting first place in Google search. Keep in mind Google really likes unique content and can beat other content on Google’s search engine.

Another tip is from clarity and the number of words posted on an article that influence the popularity of a blog. So it’s best not to post the article with a number of words that are too short with a minimum number of 500 words or if possible more is better. Thus the article that we have succeeded in will look more leverage and have a positive value in the eyes of Google.

3. Analyzing data from performance reports

All you need to do next is to check the performance of MediaFem ads and metrics including page views, number of ad clicks, CPM per page. Generally, if the pageview or PV increases, the number of clicks will automatically increase. If not, then there is something wrong in placing ads on your blog. It could be that there are ads that have not been properly seen and implemented. But if the PV continues to grow, but clicks tend to fall, then maybe there is something wrong in your content. Most of the visitors as market bloggers usually rarely click on advertiser ads.

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