Social media is vital to your blog advertising efforts beyond SEO, so having a well-thought-out social media strategy is an essential aspect of your digital advertising strategy. Social media activity goes a long way in building your reputation and raising awareness of your company and audience. Over time, it’s a great channel to keep in touch with your current audience, expand your reach, and distribute the content you create. Understanding how search engines work is essential to improve the traffic to your blog and increase the income you receive from it. So keep reading How Social Networks Help SEO and find out more about this.

Are Social Networks Part Of SEO?

We don’t know if social media activity, including likes, replies, comments, and shares, directly helps with rankings. But we know that Google crawls a lot of content from most major platforms.

However, since a lot of content is generated, Google cannot cover it all. For example, according to The Social Skinny, there are 510,000 comments, 293,000 status updates, and 136,000 photos added to Facebook every minute. But Google is crawling and indexing these sites, as well as large amounts of their content.

Therefore, we can safely assume that a healthy presence coupled with continued engagement from a relevant audience helps SEO.

How Fast Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy. As we saw earlier, SEO has three main pillars: technical, content, and backlinks.

For your strategy to bear fruit, all three need to be solid, and that doesn’t happen overnight. Some of your efforts will pay off in the short term after they are implemented. Changing examples of meta titles, and headings, or improving the content on some pages are the most typical examples.

Other efforts, such as implementing markup on multiple pages, creating a hefty volume of informative content, creating links, or attracting positive reviews, take more time and pay off in the long run.

Only with a single action, you will not be able to revolutionize the performance of your SEO strategy. All of the elements I’ve outlined above work together, and it’s the combination of all the signals that Google perceives that will make the needle move in your favor.

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