Today there are more and more ways to earn income on the internet. One of the classics that never fails is the monetization of websites or blogs. It is true that this is simple, however, it requires knowledge to start it. You can have the best travel blog in the world, but if you don’t rank well in search engines, I’m sorry, no one will see your content anyway. Therefore, we recommend you continue reading our article For Monetizing To Be Successful, You Need To Know How Google Algorithm Works to learn more about the subject.

Google’s Algorithm

The word “algorithm” may seem scary, but it is simply a code that interprets the question and evaluates the proper qualities of the answers. In SEO, we mainly focus on the second part. Our goal is to send the right signals to Google’s algorithm to convince it that our answer is the best, most useful, and most appropriate for the question it interpreted.

Google Updates

Surely you have heard something about Google updates. The most famous are Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. It is essential to understand several things: Google constantly updates its algorithm on a daily basis. But most of these updates are small and don’t result in noticeable changes in ranking or traffic for individual companies like yours.

From time to time, Google rolls out major updates. This can drastically affect the ranking and traffic of your site. Some updates in the past were specifically intended to reduce the impact of hoaxes or scams by some companies and websites. Google gave these updates names: Panda (related to content quality) and Penguin (related to link quality) are two famous examples.

Currently, Google announces most major updates, and you can find those announcements on Twitter at @searchliaison.

Machine Learning in the Google algorithm

As its name suggests, Machine learning (or automatic learning) is a functionality that helps software to perform a task without programming or explicit rules. Google gives some examples of tasks that machine learning can perform:

  • Personalize product recommendations based on customer behavior.
  • Search for keywords in a large number of text documents.
  • Enable the software to respond accurately to voice commands.

RankBrain and BERT are the most famous machine learning upgrades. RankBrain is a machine-learning AI system that Google uses to help rank its search results. BERT is a technique based on neural networks for natural language processing (NLP) and is the acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

It is used to understand the nuances and context of words within searches and helps provide better matches to queries in the form of more relevant results.

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