If you are a physics teacher or researcher, maybe you have a blog about it. Especially those of us who are millennials grew up with blogs as an almost mandatory tool of our adolescence. Who didn’t start a blog at the age of 12 thinking they were a poet? Anyway, blogs are extremely useful platforms and for many, they are an almost mandatory part of digital life. So why not Earn Money With Your Physics Blog?

How To Create An Educational Blog On 7 Steps

In this article, we focus on some simple recommendations to help teachers or researchers who need simple and attractive tools to offer creative and useful content. In the new era of learning, technology and innovation play a key role in the training processes for both children and adults. The blog is a digital format that has managed to resist and consolidate itself in the midst of the online maelstrom; specifically, the blog in the educational world is widely used to create original content and promote collaborative learning. For teachers who want to go one step further in their resources, you can find a brief guide on how to create a good educational blog in the article that we share this time.

1. Define the blog

The first step is to ask yourself: what blog do you want. Physics, yes, okay. But HOW you want it to be. The choice is decisive since it is the basis for creating a good tool, useful and consistent over time. Communicating effectively with the audience demands knowing it in depth. Once the target audience has been defined, it will be easier to define the content that may interest your potential followers the most. Do you want to publish theoretical content? Study tools? Tell your experiences? There are endless options.

2. Analyze the competition

When you start a new blog, you have to appreciate that there are already many more with similar content and that is why it is important to study the competition. Although the content is original, it is necessary to analyze possible competitors, it is the way to be humble and learn from others. Of course, if we want to disseminate, we may think that this point should not matter to us. Error. To be efficient communicators we have to know how those who have a similar interest in our work.

3. Design your differential value

Once the competition has been analyzed, it is time to learn, improve and avoid making the mistakes that others make. It is time to design the value proposition, be different from the rest and opt for innovation. If you do not offer added value if you do not have something that differentiates you and you do not communicate it clearly, in practice you will be perceived as one more.

4. Know the digital environments

As in any creation, to be able to execute any project, you have to be trained and know all the necessary tools for its realization. There are hundreds of digital tools that improve educational and academic processes, fostering collaboration and facilitating interaction between students and teachers. Websites, tutorials, videos, and virtual resources are some of the digital educational resources that must be worked on continuously.

5. Practice daily

Take a paper, and pencil and write every day. It is important to practice, even if it is not to publish. It is always recommended to write, it may be the best way to learn to find that inspiration for daily work.

6. Know the storytelling

Storytelling applied to education is a complete educational tool that enhances collaboration, creativity, and communication. From the online school, they explain that it is the art of telling stories from emotion. In other words, this message is received more effectively because the purpose is to provoke an emotion in the recipient. In this way, many teachers use this communication tool with their students to transmit knowledge and values, in addition to stimulating their interest and motivation.

7. Communication plan

It is necessary to have a good communication plan where the objectives to be achieved are established. Planning, organizing, and meeting deadlines are the main tasks to efficiently focus the communication plan.

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