Do you keep hearing that the Internet has opened up a world of totally new and revolutionary business opportunities? Especially, surely you have noticed that the youngest are the ones who succeed nonstop. However, the truth is that in this medium it does not affect age, gender, race, or any other issue related to the characteristics of the person. For this reason, there are infinite business possibilities within it beyond the classic ones offered by the traditional market. It is a matter of adaptability, so it seems that it is a world for young people. Do not feel intimidated and enter the world of blogging.

Blogging? What Is That?

Some time ago, I began to realize that my little sister spent too much time in front of the computer. The truth is that seeing everything that appears on the news every day, she was a little worried along with my parents. Despite this, every time we asked her, she said that she was ‘working’. In my case, I thought it was some web page for photographic content, I was a little worried about its security, but I know there are reliable pages and I left it there. My parents, for their part, were very worried. They told her to go out on the street to distribute resumes and look for a real jobs. The day finally came when my sister surprised everyone by going to live with her best friends in an incredible apartment. Finally, she revealed the secret to us: she had a blog about literary reviews, she is a literary blogger!

Being a blogger is not a fad, but a serious profession

After this, we all realized that she was a born entrepreneur and that, in addition, being a blogger is a very serious profession; It is not a passing fad, as we had assumed all this time. In fact, there is data provided by WordPress that states that 95% of blogs created are abandoned during their first year of life, while almost 99% never generate real income.

It is true that being a blogger, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, is an option available to anyone. Now, one thing is to create a personal blog, and quite another to make it profitable. And it is that for this, SEO knowledge is required, to find a market niche with a need that is pending to be satisfied, to provide quality content, and, the most complicated thing, to penetrate the public.

Different types of bloggers

There are as many types of bloggers as blogs, obviously. Although it is true that my sister told us about her niche blogs, editorial, corporate or private network with which she works, there are many more. The truth is that, in her case, she preferred to focus on a more personal imprint. Personal blogs were probably the ones that best adhered to that preconceived idea that I had in my head. That is to say, any person is encouraged to write about any subject that they dominate and publish it on the web. Then, if it generates interest, you end up receiving visits, from which you have advertising revenue.

However, I had no idea about freelance professional blogs. Undoubtedly, this area is much broader and covers countless cases. For example, it seems that there are websites that create ‘satellite’ blogs that redirect to the main portal or to a specific online store. In this way, they manage to generate income in two ways: those from the blog itself and those from the main portal. It may seem a bit complex, but understanding how to earn money through Google makes everything much clearer.

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