Not every person with a website or blog knows how a supply-side platform works and how can it be useful. If you’re European and want to monetize your blog, here we present the best supply-side platforms for you.

Last year, with the pandemic and different important news in the world, internet traffic has increased a considerable amount. In Europe, the country with the most internet users is Germany, followed by the UK and France. These three are all in the top 20 countries with the most internet users. This means that the continent has a high amount of people online, ready to consume anything they wish for. 

With this being said, probably starting a blog will allow you to share your content with the world, apart from gaining an extra profit with advertisement. This last thing is mostly done with an ad network, which is a firm that links advertisers to websites that wish to run adverts. An ad network’s primary role is to aggregate ad supply from publishers and match it with advertiser demand.


With that being said, we gathered three of the best supply-side platforms for European publishers:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service SSP platform with over 12 years of ad monetization experience headquartered in the United Kingdom. Many publishers across the world use ad codes to encourage readers to read more articles on the same website or to increase revenue from referral traffic. The platform, driven by a modern prediction engine, offers publishers resources vital to digital media success, such as A/B testing, intelligence reports, and customization choices.

MediaFem has developed a set of protocols for what is known as personalized marketing, which ensures that all advertising are viewed by individuals who are really interested in the services being offered. Publishers have a variety of formats to select from for their solutions, which may be utilized in websites, blogs, and applications. MediaFem also offers choices for video, mobile, online, and native advertising.

2. AdForm

AdForm offers a comprehensive set of complementary tools for identifying, tracking and engaging with your target audience across many media. They have created the market’s most open and transparent advertising technology platform. Each product has strong stand-alone capabilities and can be effortlessly combined with the rest of their advertising platform for improved results. All of this is supported by an open approach that interfaces with other top technologies and services to help you get the best outcomes possible. As one of the world’s leading private and independent advertising technology firms, they provide local service with a worldwide reach.

3. ExoClick

ExoClick, an innovative ad firm, offers advertisers and publishers two channels: an ad exchange and an ad network. The ExoClick ad exchange allows publishers to monetize their traffic through other ad networks and DSPs. It distributes more than 8.5 billion geo-targeted advertisements to a worldwide network of 65,000 online and mobile publisher platforms each day. This  unique platform provides 20+ ad formats, improved targeting and behavioral retargeting, access to big data analytics and strategic analysis tools to increase ROI, data update every 60 seconds, dayparting, and 24/7 customer care. Developers can use this platform API to construct their own custom plug-ins and software add-ons for automating operations on the platform.


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