Find out in this post the best way to monetize your app. You’ll be happy to try this method.

Everybody is talking about monetizing applications, but what is it? Well, this is a business model that has been a tremendous success since its discovery. In simple words, you add advertising to your app, and every time a viewer interacts with the advertisement, you receive money.

First of all, if you are interested in this type of earning, you need to find a company able to manage this topic. Advertising platforms, also known as an ad or native ad companies, are the ones that can carry out this assignment in the best way. They link publishers with apps interested in advertising and targeting the public. They all benefit from this transaction, including the ad company.

Through utilizing algorithms, advertising platforms display advertisements to each viewer they receive. This is a shaped ad aimed to attract the viewer’s attention and generate interactions. As a consequence, you get your money. Your customer is happy after finding something of interest, and the publisher receives another client.

Well, if you are still not sure about accepting this suggestion, let us tell you that after linking your app with a company and letting it work, you won’t have to do anything else. This is a passive money machine! You’ll have time to improve your content and make your site more attractive and pleasing. Viewers will be glad, and your stats will reach the stars!

Also, working hand in hand with an ad platform boosts your flow. It will make your app easier to find, and more and more people will download it. More customers, more interactions, and more cash!!!

So, what do you need now?

1-Choose an advertising company

2-Customize your ads (place, aspect, size, and what the platform lets you)

3-Sit on your sofa and watch your stats rise!

Easy, isn’t it? Imagine that you’ll be reaching every mobile device, every hand in an enormous market! If I were you, I wouldn’t let it pass.

OK, now you may be saying, how do I start with the first step? It is the most complicated task. The Internet is full of offerings and being able to select the most appropriate one for your site is an embarrassing experience.

We have done our research and tested many companies on different sets, and as a result, we want to recommend MediaFem. Read the caption below, and if you are interested in it, you can start your trial today.


MediaFem is an established company that has collaborated with a wide range of industries and publications. It is based on the principles of an easy-to-use platform, customizable advertisements, and the greatest degree of online respect. It’s important to note that MediaFem distributes 70% of the respect earned via its efforts to the page owners and just 30% to the company. It works by using an algorithm to analyse a website or blog in order to create a completely new campaign in which consumers can participate. When someone clicks or scrolls on an advertisement code you copied and pasted from a commercial publication, you will get compensated.

When comparing services, this one takes the most pride in offering high-quality content to content providers. It responds quickly to advertising requests and gives a genuine first impression. MediaFem has grown into the company it is today by providing relevant information and employing more effective strategies than other ad networks.

MediaFem Characteristics.

One of MediaFem‘s benefits is that it has international support for a wide set of demands. MediaFem might be able to help you secure your branding while producing high-quality content.

  • Line’s safety and security features.
  • You can alter your header bidding settings on
  • You may customize the style and design of the website in a variety of ways.
  • Authentic bidding technology from MediaFem (RTB).

If you need mor information, visit FAQ’s MediaFem or How To Make Money With CPM Advertising Networks.


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