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To post material, the user doesn’t have to type any scripts or download and install any servers or coding programs. It’s a wonderful method, but have you considered the opportunity of getting money every time one of your posts is displayed? It’s feasible!

You can generate revenue if you have your own website, regardless of its traffic. Using CPM ad networks is currently the best method to achieve it. The term “cost per mille,” sometimes known as “cost per thousand impressions,” is reduced to CPM. It’s a figure that represents the cost of getting an online ad posted and viewed 1,000 times.

Enterprises can profit from each advertisement that is performed using the CPM approach. It is the most common monetary system for mobile and website advertisements. It has become the most popular among publishers because it concentrates on impressions rather than clicks.

Advertising networks allow you to post content on your website and pay you each time a visitor clicks or scrolls over an ad. A succession of posts is generated with data collected by algorithms from your site and the viewer’s, choosing the best promotions according to the stats. It boosts your flow and, as a natural outcome, your loyalty to searches on the web.

There are many options for selecting software to manage and work hand in hand on your website, but the end result will differ depending on which one you have used. It is difficult to analyze all of the facts, particularly when they sometimes seem to be wonderful on first impression.

There are numerous examples of terrible enterprises that have caused consumers to waste time and money. The decision you take is going to mark the course of your business. Be smart; compare the characteristics you already have and your expectations with the company that best carries you to your goals. That is why we are advising you, based on our experience, on the three best possibilities available on the internet.


MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that connects content websites and blogs with publishers using programmatic platforms, then charges a fee depending on the software’s on-site revenue. It has created a set of adaptive marketing guidelines that allow each advertisement to be adjusted to the people who are most interested in the content being delivered.

This platform takes pride in being able to supply higher-quality content to marketers than other ad networks. After receiving an ad request, this platform responds instantly, guaranteeing that each impression is provided in the most pleasant manner possible.

In exchange for showing MediaFem advertising, you will receive 70% of the money earned by MediaFem as a result of the service. Paying out publishers is also possible using standard payment channels such as PayPal. When it comes to payment intervals, it is singled out as the fastest paying organisation in the industry.

Begin with MediaFem

In order to get started, publishers must first fulfil the following steps:

Create a user account for yourself and your website with basic information about yourself and your business.
Start spreading the word about your work. MediaFem accepts websites and blogs in a wide variety of languages and countries.

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Outbrain is another well-known source of branded material. With its unique features, high-quality publishing company network, continual enhancements, and exceptional customer service, it stands apart from the competition. By using programmatic native ad demand, the ad network connects publishers.

Your website must get at least 10 million monthly visitors to be considered for Outbrain. CPC and CPM pricing techniques are both available with a $0 minimum payment. Outbrain delivers native advertising in addition to display and video advertisements in feeds and articles.


Adcash has a global user base of over 200 million people and 850,000 monthly app instals. It works with almost every ad format, from traditional banner ads to more upscale units like popunders and in-stream video ads. Any ad unit may be rapidly inserted and customised, and the admin panel displays real-time ad performance statistics.