Are you trying to get the best way to monetize your blog or website by avoiding using Ezoic? Go and check these alternative tools. 

Many businesses, bloggers, and content creators rely on online advertising to expand their social media followers organically. However, finding an effective ad network that produces better outcomes at a fair cost is complicated.

The benefit of using ad networks is that you will receive more traffic from any location and that they are available on both websites and apps. Furthermore, advertising increases brand exposure by sharing your content with people both inside and outside your networks, allowing you to generate higher-performing content by studying what ad content helps you achieve your corporate goals and what doesn’t. In that sense, Ezoic is one of the most recognized ad networks on the market.

This one is a multi-award-winning end-to-end platform that assists digital publishers and website owners with increasing revenue, traffic, SEO, website speed, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and more. This website helps platform users make smarter decisions at scale about their digital properties by utilizing advanced tools and technologies.

However, sometimes, many content creators find it difficult to maximize their business through Ezoic. So, if your desire is to promote your product and earn some money, here there are some alternative ad networks that could be useful for you:


MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that connects content websites with advertisers using programmatic platforms (such as Google Ad Manager) and charges a fee depending on on-site revenue generated by the software. It has created a set of codes for targeted marketing, allowing all adverts to be seen by individuals who are interested in what is being advertised.

With MediaFem, you can choose from a variety of positioning options, all of which may be customized to match the design and aesthetic of your website. All video, display, mobile, and native formats, as well as a variety of header bidding choices for real-time bidding, are supported.

Also, keep in mind that MediaFem only pays publishers at the end of the month if they have a balance of at least $100. If this happens, the client will have to wait another 53 days for payment.

2-Xandr Monetize

Xandr is an AT&T business entity that runs the Community online platform for buying and selling consumer-centric digital advertising.

It’s a revenue-generating platform that caters to advertising as well as publishers. Publishers can use their SSP, ad server, and analytics. They also offer the only open, end-to-end platform for scalable, intelligent advertising on premium inventory across all platforms, including OTT, CTV, video, and others.

Xandr is the mind behind a global premium advertising platform. The strategic selling platform helps businesses to maximize the value of their inventory while also improving the customer experience.

3- Taboola 

Taboola is a self-branded internet “discovery platform” that aims to provide consumers with precisely the right things to do online based on their preferences. The company achieves targeted content, as well as customized advertising and marketing, by recommending other things that customers might enjoy.


Digital domains, such as websites, devices, and mobile apps, employ Taboola’s artificial intelligence-powered platform to increase revenue and consumer engagement.

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