Are you searching alternatives to Audio Ad to monetize your blog or website? We have the best ad platforms for you.

Currently, audio ads had a 24 percent higher recall rate than standard Display Ads, according to a study. That’s why many companies are investing in audio ads in order to get more traffic to their website or blog.

The benefits of using audio ads are that you will get more engagement due to the fact that audio ads it is considered that get more Pay per play (PPP) which are short messages that play when a person visits a website. They last about five seconds and are activated while the user waits for the page to load. It’s easy to set them up; all the webmaster has to do is paste a code into their site’s backend, and the ads will start playing immediately. 


Audio advertising, like other programmatic marketing platforms, allows you to use specific targeting tactics to reach relevant geolocations and target markets for your digital ad campaign. Besides, the most important thing is that the audio ads allow message stays in the minds of users as a consequence they will remember your brand and will consume your product or service.

If you want to use audio ads in order to monetize your blog or website, we recommend using these ads platforms.

1- MediaFem 

The MediaFem ad platform has been updated to support audio, allowing publishers to better monetize their audio inventory while also offering consumers with a one-stop shop for large-scale audio-centric programmatic buying.

Simple ad integration into any digital audio content, whether it’s a podcast, music download, or digital broadcast, can help publishers raise revenue while increasing sound quality. Client-side and server-side ad insertion are supported by the majority of streaming servers.

MediaFem is a full-service SSP network situated in the United Kingdom with over 13 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers employ ad codes to encourage visitors to read more content on the same page or to boost revenue from referral traffic.

2- Adswizz

Adswizz, the global leader in digital audio advertising, connects marketers with all of the major audio publishers through a single buying platform. They have sophisticated, adaptable purchasing, targeting, and reporting capabilities. 

With the most advanced and robust buying capacity, their advertising solution allows companies to reach practically every major audio publisher. They assist advertisers in purchasing audio at scale programmatically and leveraging new audio ad forms to engage users.


Instreamatic is a complete tool that allows you to manage, measure and monetize your digital audio traffic. They make cross-platform digital audio commercials and voice-enabled ad campaigns simple to implement. Besides, they assist in the monetization of audio adverts on mobile apps and Alexa radio/podcast abilities.

Radio can reach a large audience, with over 35 million adults tuning in each week to commercial stations that offer a variety of traditional targeting options. Because data may be used to target a more precisely defined audience, digital audio can be more fruitful. 

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