You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a better Admob alternative.

AdMob is possibly the most well-known mobile ad platform, made better by its straight link with Google, the biggest web searcher on the net. By utilizing high-quality advertising, Google AdMob allows developers to earn more money from their mobile iOS apps. By combining global advertiser demand, creative ad formats, and powerful app monetization technologies, AdMob contributes to the improvement of every impression. Even while not all positive experiences are shared on various blogs and platforms, people can share their negative encounters.


In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in publisher demand for AdMob support. This is responsible for the high quantity of support tickets and the inability to respond to all of them. We can get a sense of the negative response from this platform’s users with a few clicks on forums, such as in an article where over a dozen comments argue that “the solution” is to switch to another platform.

Displaying adverts to app users delivers a steady stream of cash, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality apps while your business grows. As a result, publishers will be able to look for new customers, while users will be able to discover our products and services while getting free apps. Developers, users, and announcers all benefit.

Consider the possibility of reaching every iOS smartphone, tablet, or device and growing your site or company to its full potential. That’s why we propose you read these three options we have selected for ad networks similar to Admob that may be displayed in IOS apps.

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MediaFem is a multi-featured internet advertising platform. They’ve combined cutting-edge technology with twelve years of market expertise to build a robust and easy-to-use system that allows your site to thrive and expand. By supplying relevant material and employing more sophisticated methods than other ad networks, you can create eye-catching branding that will enhance your traffic. Their platform, unlike other ad networks, can provide marketers with higher-quality content. This platform responds quickly to ad requests, ensuring that each message reaches your potential customers in the most pleasant manner possible.

Publishers receive 70% of MediaFem’s revenue in exchange for services in exchange for displaying MediaFem ads. Your starting payout is $100, ensuring a consistent flow of funds as your visitor base expands. Publishers can also be compensated using standard payment channels like PayPal. It is considered the fastest payer and one of the fairest electronic arbitrage systems in the business in terms of payment lengths.

If you want to learn more, go to FAQ and you’ll come across a number of answers.


Smaato is a powerful mobile ad platform for both publishers and advertisers. Because there are over 10,000 publications and 90,000 advertisers, you’ll be able to sell ad space (or buy it).

Real-time bidding is possible with the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX), which creates super auctions. This allows you to find out which marketers are prepared to spend the most for adverts in your mobile app.

Smaato supports video, interstitial, banner, interactive, and incentivized advertising. SPX (Smaato Publisher Platform) can automatically optimise demand sources using Dynamic Demand. You can also connect to additional SDK-enabled ad networks with the SDK.


Leadbolt is a mobile display network that offers advertisers the option of self-serve or full-service advertisements.

Leadbolt also has a real-time bidding feature for conscientious users, allowing you to change your bids on the fly for different ads.

Leadbolt is one of the most advertiser-friendly platforms on the market because of this level of control. You have the option of exercising complete control over your ads or relying on one of Leadbolt’s account managers.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will have complete control over your ads — the best advantage Leadbolt has to offer.