If you are just starting out in the blogging world, now is the time to start monetizing your efforts.Learn how to earn money from your site and boost your business from the beginning.

Blogging is one of the most common activities nowadays on the internet. Also, generating money from this is becoming the star of the revenues. You can generate money from your blog by just working with an advertising platform as a partner.

Advertising companies are systems integrated by algorithms, companies trying to publish their content, products, or services, and bloggers like you. To this group is added one important actor: consumers. They are the ones that put the wheels on this activity.

Consumers will come to your blog. Algorithms will take care of the content your site offers and the interests of your viewers. According to its results, the most appropriate advertisement will be located and shown on your viewer’s experience. The publication will attract them, and the impressions made by it will increase your income.

Viewers will interact with your page, producing more movements that will consequently move the location of your business into better and better rankings in search engines. Your traffic will be improved too. Publishers will receive consumers really interested in their products. And people will be really glad to find content and products that respond to their interests.

This is a fantastic conviction that benefits every part of this transaction. You just need to find an ad company that can supply the requirements of your website and boost it as well as you’ve ever imagined. Maybe this is the most difficult part of the way. At the same time, it’s the most relevant.

So, if you have decided to begin this trip, here we leave the three companies that we believe are the ones that can help you most on this earning-money-path. Read each option carefully, consider your goals, and select the one that will get you to the top faster, easier, and more effectively.


This firm may be the greatest ad network for monetizing your websites or apps. It is the industry’s most accessible, powerful, and knowledgable. Many bloggers, website and app entrepreneurs, corporations, and other developers use its services to level and raise their income and visitor volume. MediaFem is unmistakable, with each item perfectly targeted and concentrated. It offers a straightforward foundation, adaptable advertising strategies, and the greatest degree of digital expertise.

It’s worth noting that MediaFem distributes the recognition it gains via its work 70% with page suppliers and 30% with corporations. It works by researching an internet site or blog with an algorithm in order to construct a worldwide programme in which people may actively engage. You may be compensated when a user scrolls, clicks, or engages with a sponsor’s ad that you shared.


You could need native advertisements, which MGID excels at providing. Native advertising is a great option if you don’t want your website’s advertisements to be overt.

If you’re a marketer wanting to start with a self-service platform, MGID could be the platform for you. With the help of MGID’s self-service option and assortment of ad layouts, you may generate more ad impressions while concentrating on the aims and objectives of your business. You may simply and rapidly increase the reach of your company’s ad publication on our native advertising platform with real-time statistics.


Outbrain is another well-known provider of sponsored content. It stands apart from the competitors due to its unique features, superior publishing business network, continual advancements, and first-rate customer service.

The only minor disadvantage is that your website must obtain at least 10 million monthly visitors in order to be evaluated by Outbrain. Nonetheless, both CPC and CPM pricing options are available with a $0 minimum payment.

Outbrain provides native advertising in addition to display and video ads in feeds and articles.

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