If  you are looking for monetizing your nature blog, we have the answer. Keep reading because we have the best ad networks for you.

Blogging became a popular activity all around the world. And what is lincked to it, is the growing posibility of generate money with your visitors. How? Monetizing your website.

There are many ways to earn money on the internet, but one of the most effective possibilities is through ad networks. This marketing tactic is supported by the results of studies conducted using business algorithms. Ad networks significantly raise your flow and are a simple way to earn money from views, as many bloggers do these days. Besides, ad networks are viewable on both websites or apps, making these platforms more convenient and functional.

As we said, there are many different ways to earn money on the internet, and today, advertisment platforms are a very good option. Bloggers do already know that it is always necessary to try to find new ways to improve and grow your business, but the most difficult thing to find is a good ad company to manage your business. There are so many on the internet but not all work by the same method.

To help you solve this problem, we’ve compiled a list of the top three advertising firms that could be beneficial to your company.


MediaFem is the most effective and friendly advertising company. You can earn money by displaying texts or images, adding banners on your blog and trying to encourage viewers to scroll on them.
It has developed a set of adaptable marketing principles that enable each advertisement to approach customers who are interested in the information being provided. In exchange for placing advertisements on the site, publishers receive 70% of the money collected by MediaFem.


Adversal is a self-service advertising platform that gives publishers full stock control. Advertisements in native, video, and display formats are all backed. Their ad tag is designed to protect against popular cybercrimes while also complying to privacy rules such like GDPR.
Publishing companies can set their own goals, and Adversal will support them in achieving them. To use Adserval, a blogger should own the web address and reach at least 50k monthly website traffic. They also restrict explicit sexual and infringing material.


Tapjoy is changing the face of handheld marketing and software marketing. It collaborates with Brand Advertisers to allow them to achieve their target mobile audience such as through promoted video ads and our offer wall. Tapjoy assists media companies in obtaining new users and monetizing their mobile apps.