From December 2013 MediaFem appears in comScore reporting platform as your traffic Network.

comScore is a marketing research company on the Internet , which provides data on sites and provides services to many large Internet companies . Make monitoring data obtained by the panelists computers and so studying online behavior . The tool is highlighted by the data accuracy , ease of consultation, the practicality of the reports, and the software you use .

What is the need of the media? The media need to plan to have the latest tools and constantly updated data , so campaigns can analyze and calculate your internet presence . Especially when working in such a dynamic and changing as the Digital industry.

Different solutions. If your company is an ad -network need to know how it is positioned in the ranking of media, and in turn how is competition. If your client is an agent that will run a campaign with their environment , comScore will give what is the scope of the digital pattern , what audience reached at selected sites , if the investment made is according to the result sought , among other solutions .

comScore came to give solutions to several questions that were found when quantitative data in the digital world , becoming the pioneer query tool in the industry. It also presents reports on the digital landscape in the world and in our case, the implementation in Latin America is very useful because planners and clients ask if our sites appear in comScore as an endorsement of the choice of sites.

With all these advantages we decided to take a big step to begin the process of gathering information to our sites to be part of comScore. We are still in the process , conducting a joint task between MediaFem Media Buyers and Publishers as part of the information network to be audited and to comScore .

Gradually sites have MediaFem logo on each of their pages. This identifiable as part of the Premium Network MediaFem . In addition to benefit them to be included in the Premium campaigns that are generating more revenue.

Since DecemberMediaFem ranks No. 4 of networks in Latin America , reaching a position in the tool used by almost all the online advertising industry .

Below you will find a screenshot of the comScore panel data set of December 2013 , where the post No. 4 of MediaFem as observed network .

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