There is no doubt that Google has a dominant position among users in most parts of the world. Recent studies say that Google has an average market share of 95% in desktop and mobile searches in the world. At this level of market share, there are 70,000 searches per second, 5 billion per day, and 2 trillion searches per year on Google. Impressive numbers, right? However, they have a cost. Internet users are becoming more sensitive about how Google tracks and uses their data to share it with publishers, which means that many are looking for alternatives to have more privacy. Therefore, today we will tell you about Alternative Search Engines To Google And SEO.

Al pensar en alternativas a Google, nos apresuramos a pensar en sus equivalentes directos como Bing o Yahoo, pero la realidad es que también existen plataformas y motores de búsqueda especializados, como YouTube y GIPHY, que ofrecen un tipo específico de resultado.

Tampoco sorprende que Google sea el destino favorito de los esfuerzos de los profesionales de SEO, a pesar de que pueden estar perdiendo oportunidades de tráfico. Google no es adecuado para todo y para todos, por lo que hemos recopilado una lista de motores de búsqueda alternativos, desde los esperados hasta varios desconocidos.

The Search Giants: Bing and Yahoo

Think of a web search engine other than Google. Probably, Bing or Yahoo will be the first that come to mind. Bing offers a more visual approach, while Yahoo was once a much more powerful force than it is today (anyone remember those days with the power of Inktomi?).

Yahoo and Bing yes, they are included in the same section. Because? The truth is that Yahoo and Bing are part of Bing’s Search, so it would be the same search engine, but Yahoo is actually considered more as a web portal than as a search engine.

How Yahoo and Bing algorithms work

• Bing also uses hundreds of search ranking factors (anchor text, social signals, keyword density, site structure, etc.)
• Give importance above all to the pages that are connected to Social Networks.
• Like Google, Bing takes external links and CTR into account as primary factors.
• Allows reading Flash files.
• It also favors websites with good UX.
• Bing positions much better the older domains and the .gov, .edu and .org.

In addition, it also has Bing and Yahoo search features in SERPS that affect how different websites appear in the results:

• The Bing Dashboard responds to searches before you click.
• Media search appear at the top or side of search results
• Much more visual
• Paid ads are displayed at the top and sides of search results.

And do they have any similarities?

The truth is that although not in many aspects there are some factors in which these search engines work the same.

• Paid Searches: Paid ads work the same way for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
• Links: the quality of the backlinks are extremely important for the 3 search engines.

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