Digital marketing today is more than just a trend or fashion since this is a powerful weapon that will allow natural or legal persons to achieve success in a highly competitive environment. This success will be subject to the correct use of the available tools and the correct use of social media. It is important to identify the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing as a persuasive medium. This is because it is necessary to identify the disadvantages in order to compensate for them in another way.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing


Actions taking into account the consumer
If we know what the preferences of our consumers are, the company can provide personalized support when making decisions, since this experience is gained, increasing the empathy of the company with respect to its consumers. In other words, a reciprocal bond is produced.

Improved company identity
Part of a person’s loyalty to a brand or a company goes hand in hand with the identity it has. In the business plan of many successful companies, comes having a good identity; with which its consumers will identify, giving an experience beyond the purchase of a product, becoming part of the style of each client.

Longer relationship with consumers
In the previous point, we talked about being part of the style of each client, which guarantees a deeper relationship with consumers, making purchasing the company’s products something that complements the consumer’s routine. This is achieved thanks to a trust given by both parties, which leads to greater fidelity.


Divert attention from some opportunities
On some occasions, businesses focus much of their efforts on retaining a group of consumers who require more attention, when they have potential customers by their side, who are not taken advantage of by the company. This is because the focus is on old consumers, leaving aside the search for new ones.

Digital Marketing is not one hundred percent effective
Like everything, Digital Marketing has the possibility of going wrong. If we lose control over it, it can bring problems such as loss of consumers. This depends on several factors, for which the possibility of this strategy going wrong must be taken into account.

Requires more budget than a common marketing strategy
By having a certain level of customization, the budget to apply this type of strategy is higher. It does not usually happen in the first instance, but it can be so over the time it is used.

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