The world of online publications is marked by the distribution of ads by Google, however the most known complaints in the online world was that the platform took up to two months to enable a web page, or blog to have ads, but lucky for them that is not the only answer.

Next up we are going to present three platforms that can set you up with ads in a matter of hours.


By far the oldest website on this list, MediaFem has over 10 years of experience when it comes to ad display revenue as well as native and movil advertising. Once you sign into MediaFem, they set you up in a matter of hours and they have one of the most generous revenue resolution systems; 70% of the income goes to the page owner.

Revenue Hits

In the case of Revenue Hits most of the perks are dedicated to small publishers and pays for clicks turned into action instead of clicks per se or impressions. This Ad Platform has no minimum traffic requirements and a fast approval rate.


AirPush specializes in the most classic kind of Ads, those known from the beginning of online monetization such as push notifications, native advertising and display ads. Although many users may be annoyed, but it’s still one of the fastest pages to enable ads and show results, it’s only negative aptitude is that it asks for a $50 credit to start working.

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